Best OTC Med Is Found In Your Spice Aisle

Last time I took ibuprofen, I ended up doubled over in abdominal pain, thus negating the whole point of reducing pain. Taking a pill to prevent pain, yet gaining pain elsewhere as a side effect? No thank you. No more.

Have arthritis? Inflammatory bowl disease? Or any one of these many conditions?

Tackling these health challenges might lead you to a store for an OTC medicine, or a doc’s office for an RX, then heading to your pharmacy to get it filled. All of this can be quite expensive, time-consuming, and have little effect (or too much effect = side effects).

After years of knocking back aspirin, ibuprofen, and other OTC substances, I’ll never go back. Never.

Recently, two different practitioners from IAC suggested a remedy for reducing pain/inflammation: drumroll… turmeric.

Yup. Nothing fancy. No script. Turmeric can be found in most any spice aisle, in anystore, anytown, USA or elsewhere in the world.

In addition to reducing my daily sugar intake, while integrating turmeric into my daily nutrition, there’s no more inflammation pain to “manage” in my body.

The inflammation’s basically gone. Just gone. I’m stunned, in awe, and deeply grateful.

Two weeks ago, I started sprinkling turmeric on on soups, salads, meals, snacks, and into my drinking water. This tiny tin of turmeric has changed my life. More about the health benefits of turmeric, here.

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