Worried about the staggering costs of health care? Then stay healthy

Cookie Monster eating fruit instead of cookiesThis entire headline comes from Grand Junction Free Press:

Worried about the staggering costs of health care? Then stay healthy

The Free Press charges a fee to read the entire article, but here’s their introductory, thought-worthy, nugget o’ info:

“The high cost of health care has been on the minds of most Americans a lot lately, and most of us are in the same boat. Whether you are healthy or ill, insured or uninsured, for Health Care Reform or against it, most people prefer to live life as healthy as possible and would prefer to use their financial resources in many places other than sick care. It is possible to increase the chances of fattening your pocketbook while increasing your health potential and that is to actively make conscious choices to maintain health….”

Full story here (though you must pay a fee to read the whole thing). Great news! No need to pay and arm and leg to grasp the full story. Simply ponder this:

● You wouldn’t put garbage in your car to run it — or use cruddy oil — to grease your bike chain. So, why put crummy food into your body?
● If you don’t start your car — or ride your bike–  for awhile, the machinery will need lots of repair. Likewise, there will be consequences if a body remains stagnant.
● In the long run, neglecting nutrition or exercise will have consequences. Very expen$ive consequences.

I’m no saint when it comes to nutritional wholeness, perfectionist exercise, or medical budgetry. (Yes, I said “medical budgetry.”) But I’m rather well-versed in the varied ways of approaching one’s wellness, and just how expensive mainstream American medicine can be. Some background…

At a very young age (read: childhood), it became evident to me my biological “illnesses” were time-consuming, energy-draining, and money-sucking. Example of biological illness = asthmatic at birth, among many other unfortunate, shocking, unfair things.

honeychild, I once broke a bone and...Thankfully, for a bit of my childhood, I was blessed with health insurance coverage x2. Later on, insurance was yanked from me, with no notice. No need for me to go into great detail, but, honeychild, I once broke a bone and a doctor refused to set it, because I didn’t have health insurance. We’ll save that story for another time. The point is, I’ve been in the trenches.

Through trial and error, mistakes made, and insight gained, I learned:

● Life’s not fair. When it comes to health challenges, nobody’s equal. Some walk, others roll, with the punches.
● Healthcare’s not fair. Some people have powered wheelchairs, others have manual chairs, some have none.
● Healthcare isn’t free. It takes money – or a valuable exchange of some sort – for anything, period.
● If you love yourself, and value your existence, you’ll budget/plan accordingly for healthcare, no matter what your circumstances, obstacles, inequality, where you were born (biological country/state/city).
● Financial fitness is part of maintaining your majestic machine: Your Beautiful, Lovable Body.
● Wandering aimlessly through the American healthcare maze turns patients into victims.
● Balancing personal health (nutrition, exercise), with medical budgetry, is liberating.
● I don’t even like to use the word “medical” as it creates an image of King Doctor, and His Involuntary Serfs.

To reiterate a snippet from the story, “most people prefer to live life as healthy as possible and would prefer to use their financial resources in many places other than sick care.”

The answer lies in prevention (protection), and taking responsibility for your own self. You own it. Nobody else.
These views don’t necessarily express the views of Integrative Acupuncture Clinic, its practitioners, or clients. If you feel strongly on this matter, please feel free to toss in your two cents in the comments. Thanks!

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