Tour de France Acupuncture Trance

Tour de France wrapped up a few days ago when Vincenzo Nibali of Team Astana won the super-long mega-exhausting race.

Though Nibali was dope-free, he was guilty of a DUI — Driving Under the Influence… of acupuncture.

Everyone from Team Astana was DUI, for they had Acupuncturist Eddy de Smedt on their side. De Smedt was their full-time acupuncturist, working alongside Astana’s posse of physios, docs, and osteopaths. Sure sounds like The Sports Med Dream Team of Qi, if ya ask me.

WSJ’s headline says it all…
Nibali’s Secret to a Tour de France Win: Acupuncture

Full story here.

“Mommy, I Need To Pee!”

The public declaration of “Need to pee!” is commonplace, when a Young Padawan’s bladder doesn’t know what’s the matter.

But what happens when you’re an adult with an overactive bladder? You might be feeling childish about the matter.

People antsy to pee

Before going on, let’s cut through the clatter:

- There’s nothing shameful about peeing.

- Everyone does it, from The White House to Timbuktu, Continent to Continent.

- Many factors can change your bladder, thus yielding ye urine-arially incontinent.

- There are many ways to manage an overactive bladder, and — great news — acupuncture can help you!

In a recent study, researchers from Whipps Cross University Hospital and University College of London Hospital found that acupuncture is effective for controlling overactive bladder syndrome.

Full story here.

Win-Win Situation

win-win situationGermany wins World Cup! And so can you! Our World Cup Cupping Special continues through August 1: 20% off the regular price of Intensive Cupping Therapy.

Learn more about Intensive Cupping Therapy here.

To make appointment, click here.

Jennifer Aniston Does It

Here’s a video of celebrity cupping. The narrator’s a bit gossipy, but remember: 3,000+ years of cupping therapy is hardly a fad.


Your Little Bulbous Friends Await You

clear glass medical cups for cupping therapy

These are Your Little Bulbous Friends.

Have you ever missed a friend so much, you long for your reunion? It can happen with BFFs… and even cups. Yes, cups: as in Cupping Therapy.

Acupuncture cups are Your Little Bulbous Friends, providing unconditional love, comfort, a deep connection, and so much more.

Schedule some face time with Your Little Bulbous Friends. Now through August 1, we’re offering our World Cup Cupping Special of 20% off the regular price of Intensive Cupping Therapy. You may ask:

“What the cup? What’s Intensive Cupping Therapy?”

Great questions. Click here for details.

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Gold World Cup football-soccer award

World Cup.

Nature’s Koosh Ball

This goofball shows you how to make a Koosh Ball and other DIY kid’s toys, using garden plants:


Special Message From Rocky Balboa

Wishing you lots of independence, especially healthcare freedom. If Rocky can change, you can change, and everybody can change…

Maybe you can even change your perspective on today’s mainstream American medicine? Happy 04 July!

Integrative Acupuncture Clinic (U.S.S.A)
Rocky Balboa (U.S.A.)
Ivan Drago (U.S.S.R.)


Going light years beyond a selfie, here’s a captivating self-portrait by South Korean artist, Minjeong An (complete with chakras and Qi!).

On the surface is a technical diagram, but a closer look reveals an intimately detailed, highly personal portrait.

To dig deeper, click image below. Here’s Minjeong An’s website, containing a smorgasbord of delightfully colorful Qi. Enjoy!

Self-Portrait: Painting, digital print, 240x180cm, 2008


Intensive Cupping Therapy Now Offered!

woman getting cupped

Image courtesy of SMA

Intensive Cupping Therapy (ICT) is now offered at the clinic! If you’ve ever experienced cupping with Nelly’s acupuncture, you know it feels delightfully good. But Intensive Cupping Therapy feels super intensely mega delightfully good.

Beginner cuppies may ask, “What’s cupping?”

During cupping therapy, Acupuncturist Nelly warms a glass globe-like cup and places it on your skin, slowly moving it around. The smooth edges of the cup create a super-suction on your skin, to:

- suck out toxins;
– increase blood flow;
– reduce pain;
– improve stretch reflex;
– release contracted muscles; and
– free myofascial tension, thus emancipating your body from its Vader-like Death Grip.

Intensive Cupping Therapy rate is $20 for a 15-minute session (following an acupuncture treatment). Now through August 1, we’re offering a special of 20% off the regular price. Click here to schedule.


Why You Shouldn’t Judge Obese Sloths At Walmart

This I learned from acupuncture: Sugar creates inflammation, which creates pain, among many other side effects.

I lost 35 pounds in 6 months, thanks to kicking my sugar addiction (as well as divorcing gluten, while keeping up with consistent acupuncture treatments). It wasn’t easy, for the sugar-filled lifestyle was instilled in me, all the way back to when I was in the womb. Sugar was a family value: cheap. So it goes for most families.

Along with sugar comes fatness. But before you judge obese shoppers at Wal-Mart, remember this:

- A calorie isn’t a calorie.

- Obesity isn’t about gluttony and sloth.

- It’s always biochemical.

Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD shares more:


Here’s What Every Bridesmaid Should Be Wearing

black Anatomy dress with white acupuncture points printed on it

Image: Shenova/Etsy

This stunning acupuncture point dress is suitable for any formal setting: as a bridesmaid, to prom, the Oscars, or even at the American Medical Association’s meeting, when you’re awarded Best Practitioner of the Decade!

If paparazzi ask, “What are you wearing?” Simply reply, “Qi.”

See the dress at Shenova’s Etsy shop.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

These images of slouchy skeletons are a sorry sight. There are 11 things wrong with this picture of poor, poor posture.

Proper posture leads to positive prevention. So the next time you’re being a bone slacker, be mindful of these skeletons, before and after.

Click on image for details:


Slouchy skeletons, before and after


You Need To Watch This

This video’s so much better than watching an episode of ER:

Texas Rangers Ready For Acupuncture

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers, circa 1880. (Credit:

Is that a rifle in your hand or are you just happy to see me? Whatever the case, drop your weapons and grab some acupuncture needles. It’s 2014, and Texas Rangers are ready for some healing! Hooray!

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers, 2014.
(Credit: Getty Images)

Texas Rangers Yu Jarvish

Texas Ranger Yu Darvish finds relief for his stiff neck, thanks to acupuncture. (Credit: ABC News)

Recently, Ranger pitcher Yu Darvish has turned to acupuncture for pain relief. Says Dallas News:

As opposed to the spring training neck issue that cost him nearly three weeks of prep time, Darvish indicated he’s now more able to identify the pain and seek treatment.

He received acupuncture early in the week and that provided significant relief.

Full story here.


Algonquin People: No Word For Time

Tick-tock! Chop -chop! Three quick thoughts about time:

  • Algonquin Peoples have no word for time.
  • Dogs, cats, horses, rats, birds, bees, ad infinitum, don’t clock in or out, they simply be.
  • During a recent acupuncture treatment with Nelly, it dawned on me (us): when she’s working hard at the ER, time falls to the wayside. Emergencies come n’ go, as do patients, unscheduled. When Nell’s a busy bee at IAC, one needs to stick to pockets of the clock, for reasons of practicality.

How interesting. During an acupuncture session, when needles go into me, energy flows peacefully, with no beginning or end. Anybody with me?


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